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As a result of our policy not to sell the last copy of a technical book, but instead create a reprint of the book to the customer, we would like to point out that we acc. the Danish Ministry of Culture has the right to do this as long as these books have been deleted from the publisher / author / publisher. This is possible because it is in the general citizen's interest to have the opportunity to acquire these books so you have the ability to maintain their mechanical interest, be it car, motorcycle, boat, tractor, or anything else, in our case everything with an engine.

If, contrary to our knowledge, there still can be one or more titles that are subject to copyright, we will ask the holder personally contact us with proof that he has the rights to the book in question, and that the above does not cover this release.

After that, we will immediately remove the book from our range.


Tom Frandsen

Koester's Motor Bookstore

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August 6th - 2018 to September 7th-2018 at. 12.00 pm (Danish Time)
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